What is Memocore™

Memocore™ is the only truly 3D marker a marker used for External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) for treatment of cancer. It is visible in all imaging methods due to its size which is only possible because it is placed in already exiting lumens (e.g. urethra) in comparison with e.g. gold seeds that has to be inserted with a needle through rectum into prostate.

The marker acts as a target for the radiation beam, as it is visible on images. The Memocore™ marker is a nickel-titanium stent that may be inserted using natural body orifices such as the urethra or the airways and is based on the same technology as the Memokath™ urological stents

  1. MR and CT images co-registration (increase effect/side-effect)
  2. Specialist independent (increase the hospital productivity and  decrease side-effect)
  3. Automatic identification in validation software (increase speed) decrease risk of manual mistakes
  4. Visible on high volt images (give better radiotherapy on old equipment, increase effect/side-effect, can be used for QA control)
  5. Treatment regime related (increase effect/side-effect)
  6. Equipment feature related increase effect/side-effect and productivity 

How does it work: 

  • A CT image is required for treatment planning
    • Calculating dose
    • Define target: prostate
    • Define critical tissue: e.g. rectum
  • Memocore™ lets the physician draw on the MR image and then automatically co-register the MR and CT images
  • Contouring with MR reduces the target area with 4-5mm
  • Using MR and Memocore reduces Normal Tissue Complication Probability (‘NTCP’) with 50% for rectum