Memokath™ Versions

Safe, Simple, Reversible and easy to insert and exchange if needed



Nickel-Titanium (Ni-Ti) and a part of it is thermoexpandable. The nickel content of Memokath™ is very low and is entirely hidden under a protective inert biocompatible Titanium Oxide layer and therefore doesn’t cause Nickel allergy. The stent is thermo-expandable, easy and simple to insert, and if necessary, it can easily be exchanged as it is not prone to tissue in-growth with lowest risk of infection compared to alternative treatment.


Depending which Memokath solution is needed Memokath will either be inserted under local or full anesthesia.
By using an insertion system designed for Memokath a small amount of hot water (60°C - less than a cup of tea) causes the product to expand and anchor the Memokath in the desired position.


Cooling the Memokath™ with small amount of water approx. 5°C the entire Memokath™ becomes soft like cooked spaghetti which facilitates an easy exchange.

Memokath Solutions:

There are different versions of Memokath™ available for all sections of the urinary tract where an obstruction makes it impossible for Patients to urinate. 

The Memokath™ has densely coiled structure that secures no tissue in-growth. The coiled design to conform and adapt to the natural curves of the urinary tract and smoothen the distribution of anchoring forces and Memokath will not brake during an exchange. At body temperature, the Memokath™ is stable and applies insignificant forces to the urinary tract which lessens the risk of secondary ischemic injury on the urothelium.




Memokath™044/045 Urethral:




Memokath™051 Ureter:

The Memokath™ 051 stent has the advantages of immediate decompression and relief of obstructive urology symptoms while bearing minimal risk for bladder irritation, reflux and flank pain. Interestingly, a 20% rate of spontaneous stricture resolution could be related with the insertion of the Memokath™ 051 stent

  • Long term treatment of patients with benign and malignant ureteric strictures
  • Have seen patients having the MK in-situ more than 10 years
  • No need for frequent replacement of Memokth™051 stent
  • No urine reflux from the bladder
  • Maintenance of the peristaltic movements
  • No back pressure on the kidney, no flank pain
  • Immediate symptom relief upon insertion
  • Memokath™ is well tolerated by most patients
  • Memokath™ 051 is cost effective treatment option for both benign and malignant ureteric strictures -
    Which have been clinical supported by centers such as Mayo Clinic in US and Royal College of London (St. Barts)
  • Minimal risk of infection compared to alternative treatment