Memokath™051 - The Ureter solution

This solution is optimal for patients who want to avoid many hospital visits annually and flank pain caused by Double-J stent.

The Memokath 051 is also a choice worth considering for patients suffering from different kinds of cancer causing Ureter obstruction - no need for extra hospital visits as is often experienced with the Double J-stent.


Malignant or benign ureteric strictures.

Advantages with Memokath™051 Ureter

  • Immediate symptom relief – the urine flow from the Ureter to the bladder is re-established immediately.
  • Very few, if any stent related symptoms.
  • The Memokath™ stent can easily be removed at any time. 
  • The product can remain in-situ for years.

Technical information

  • The Memokath™051 comes in four versions - single cone to either antegrade or retrograde insertion or as double cone to either antegrade or retrograde insertion.
  • If the stricture involves secondary PUJ then The double cone Memokath™ is a good choice.
  • The Memokath™051 comes in different lengths as both single and double cone.
  • All have same outer diameter of CH10.5 and inner diameter of CH8. Expansion on both single and double cone is CH 21 including separately packed dilator / sheath and guide wire.
  • Single cone Memokath™ is available in the following lengths: 30, 60, 100, 150, 200 mm and on request 250 mm.
  • Double cone Memokath™ is available in 60, 80, 100 and 120 mm.