Cost Savings –
When Memokath is a preferred solution instead of JJ-stents

Total cost-savings with Memokath™ 051 instead of using JJ-stent are €216,500 for 37 patients plus improved QOL.

This cost model is used to assess the cost-effectiveness of the Memokath™ 051 in Endourology and stone services, Bart’s and the London NHS Trust, London - UK.



  • A JJ stent including materials, theatre and recovery costs around €3000. Assuming 6 monthly stent exchanges and two outpatient follow-ups with X-rays every year, the cost is around €6600/ every year.
  • Insertion of Memokath 051 requires the same infra-structure. Additional initial costs of the stent (€2300) together with two follow up visits in the first year with X-rays costs around €5700/ 1 .year.
  • Memokath only requires a F/U with X-ray the following years, meaning a cost of only €600 will occur.


  • 41 Memokath 051 stents were inserted in 37 patients with malignant ureteric strictures.
  • Our mean follow-up is 22 months with a stent blockage and migration rate requiring exchange of 4.7% and 11.7% respectively.
  • Using the Model, in the first year, the Memokath™ 051 is €900 cheaper than the JJ stent.
  • From the second year, Memokath™ 051 patients only require twice yearly follow up with X-rays costing around €600 with an annual saving of around €6000.
  • For six monthly exchanges of 41 JJ stents in 37 patients for a 22 month period of time would cost €490,200 whereas Memokath 051 stents cost €273,700 including costing for replacement for blocked (2) and migrated stents (7).