30 years with Pnn Medical

12 October 2017

Through the past 30 years Pnn Medical has been working to improve the health of patients suffering from diseases in the urinary tract. Focusing on this we have set new standards for treatment without major surgery, and we are constantly aiming to improve and develop our products – The MemokathTM solution!

This is how it all started back in 1987

Medical doctor Henrik Harboe teamed up with Polymer Engineer Erik Othel-Jacobsen as Engineers & Doctors, and together with Herlev University Hospital in Denmark, they developed a Nickel-Titanium stent which is ALWAYS easy to change. The first solution was named ProstakathTM and it was introduced to the market in 1992 for treatment of prostate obstruction – in The Japanese market the Prostakath was a huge success for short-term treatment (1 year).

The following years the stent was further developed to secure stronger clinical results and a stronger clinical outcome. The company expanded heavily due to great market success, and the MemokathTM stent was launched in 1997.

In 2003 the biodegradable EmtevaTM catheter for women (Single use device) was test-launched in Denmark and a couple of years later Engineers & Doctors merged with the Swiss company Wallsten Medical SA and the CavatermTM (Endometrial ablation therapy) brand was included in the product portfolio.

At a later stage both solutions were acquired by other Medical Companies and today both products are very successful.

In 2007 the company name changed to Pnn Medical A/S - a new setup included the launch of the MemocoreTM stent marker in 2009, used for treatment of Prostate Cancer by using External Beam Radiation.

The Pnn Medical head office is based in Denmark and MemokathTM and MemocoreTM are sold by a direct sales force in countries as Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark and Switzerland. The rest of the world market is covered by strong business partners.


Pnn Medical would like to thank our highly valued customers and our strong partners throughout the world – MemokathTM has helped and supported more than 90.000 patients worldwide and Pnn Medical is proud to continue the MISSION –

Setting new standards for treatment without major surgery!