Simple and effective treatment
of urinary tract obstructions

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Memokath™ is a unique range of non-allergenic metal stents used to effectively treat urinary tract obstructions. It is 100% reversible, causes minimum side effects and offers patients high quality of life compared to alternative treatments Learn More

The many advantages of Memokath™ makes it a preferred choice of treatment among urologists worldwide and is the first and only metallic stent to be recommended by the official national healthcare guideline NICE in the United Kingdom.

Avoid side-effects of surgery

Memokath™ 028 Prostate is an option for patients who are unable go through surgery due to frailty or high age, as well as for patients unwilling to risk the severe side effects and complications of surgery.

Less pain and fewer catheter-changes

Ureteric obstruction is often treated with Double-J catheters. By using Memokath™ 051 Ureter instead your patients can avoid the pain and discomfort of Double-J catheters as well as the high frequency of changes.

Avoid infection risk of self-catherization

Self-catheterization causes a high infection risk, and often leads to physical discomfort for your patients. Memokath™ removes infection risk while offering patients full bladder control, and a life without catheter dependency.

A sensible choice for dementia patients

Dementia patients with enlarged prostate risk removing their catheters by force resulting in severe damages to both bladder and urethra. Memokath™ 028 Prostate offers normal voluntary urination with no instruments visible to the patient.

Helps patients after failed surgeries

Memokath™ is often the only solution left when major surgeries fail. Memokath™ 045 Bladderneck for instance helps patients restore bladder control who are left with complicated bladder neck contractures after TURP.

Quality of Life

Memokath™ offers your
patients quality of life through
less frequent treatments, fewer
side-effects and lower levels of
pain and discomfort.

Clinical Efficiency

Memokath™ is a highly
effective treatment choice
and provides your patients
immediate ability to urinate
after insertion.

Quick Return

Memokath™ is typically
inserted in 20-30 min. with
local anesthesia offering your
patients a quick return to
daily activities.

Pnn Medical in brief

Pnn Medical A/S was established in 1987 to improve the quality of life for people suffering from urinary tract obstructions. Since launch more than 90.000 units of the second-generation urological stent Memokath™ have been inserted worldwide and continue to treat urinary tract obstructions every day.

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