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Urinary tract obstructions are debilitating illnesses causing pain, suffering and health risk to patients of all ages. Though some patients can be treated pharmaceutically, many are left with the dire choice between surgery and catheters both of which risk impacting their lives permanently through undesired side-effects, complications, discomfort and a dependency on medical attention.

Pnn Medical was founded in Denmark in 1987 with the mission of improving quality of life for people suffering from urinary tract obstructions by developing and bringing to market the most minimally invasive solutions causing fewest side-effects, least discomfort and lowest degree of medical dependency enabling patients to continue living their lives to the widest possible degree.

Pnn is an acronym for “primum non nocere” (first do no harm) – the Hippocratic oath sworn by medical graduates across the world to put patient welfare at the highest of priorities.

The history of Pnn Medical

For more than 30 years Pnn Medical has been on the forefront of developing and marketing solutions to improve quality of life for people suffering from urinary tract obstructions. Below can be found a selection of highlights in the history of Pnn Medical, signifying the unwavering dedication and effort to the company mission. To read the most recent updates and news please visit the News section.

2018 Memokath™ is the First Metallic Stent to be Recommended by NICE

Memokath™ 051 Ureter is the first and only metallic stent to be included in the authoritative national healthcare guideline in UK, called NICE. The recommendation is the result of extensive clinical testing and evaluations by medical experts and health economists in the NHS. Learn more

2017 Thirty Years of Dedication to Improve Quality of Life

Pnn Medical celebrates 30 years of unwavering dedication to the development and marketing of the most minimally invasive and safe treatment options to help improve the quality of life for people suffering from urinary tract obstructions.

2014 Cooperation with Carl Storz

The continued expansion of the Memokath™ range in Japan paves the way for a cooperation with German medical device producer, Carl Storz, whose portable flexible cystoscope is used to effectively insert Memokath™ 028 Prostate in private clinics without use of X-ray.

2013 Sale of Emteva™

Following strong external interest, and a continually increasing demand for the Memokath™ and Memocore™ range in existing and new markets, Emteva™ is sold to British medical device producer, Hunter Urology Ltd. to narrow down the focus to development and marketing of metallic stents.

2009 Launch of Memocore™

Following an extensive phase of R&D with physicists and oncologists at Aalborg University Hospital in Denmark Memocore™ is launched as the first metallic fiducial marker inserted through the urethra used for external beam radiation therapy as alternative to the standard gold marker.

2007 Change of Company Name to Pnn Medical

To simplify and strengthen marketing communication and signal the intention of moving forward as one unified company, Engineers & Doctors Wallsten Medical A/S changes name to Pnn Medical A/S and launches new brand identity and logo symbolizing the stent’s way through an obstructed urinary tract.

2005 Merger with Wallsten Medical

The continued success of Memokath™ and interest in the market for minimally invasive treatments forms the basis of the merger with Swiss medical device producer, Wallsten Medical SA, founded and owned by Hans Wallsten – inventor of the revolutionizing cardiovascular stent, Wallstent.

2003 Launch of Emteva™

The success of Memokath™ paves way for the development of new minimally invasive treatment options within urinary tract obstructions. Engineers & Doctors develops and launches the world’s first 100% biodegradable intermittent catheter for women Emteva™.

1992 Launch of Memokath™

Continued efforts within R&D and uncompromising drive to develop and bring to market the most efficient and minimally invasive treatments for urinary tract obstructions makes way for the second-generation metallic stent Memokath™ 028 Prostate, aimed at treating prostatic enlargement.

1987 Launch of Prostakath™

To improve the standard of care and quality of life for the growing population of people suffering from prostatic enlargement, the first-generation metallic stent Prostakath is launched after development cooperation with Herlev University Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark.

1987 Engineers & Doctors Founded

Engineers & Doctors A/S founded in Denmark by polymer engineer Erik Othel-Jacobsen and medical doctor Henrik Harboe to improve the quality of life for people suffering from urinary tract obstructions by developing and marketing the most minimally invasive and safe treatment methods.

Collaborating with the Scientific Frontier

Pnn Medical cooperates with acclaimed urologists and oncologists across the world by means of R&D, clinical development, execution of clinical trials as well as training and education via workshops and reference centers. With more than 150 clinical studies published from prominent medical centers worldwide the Memokath™ product range is probably the best clinically documented urological stent on the market.

If you as a health care professional have inquiries for clinical documentation please Contact us, or visit our Clinical Studies section for more information.

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