COVID-19 directions

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation it may be necessary to modify hospital protocols due to new regulations. Below please find our company recommendations regarding cases of acute urinary retention caused by BPH.

Usual procedure for patients with Acute Urinary Retention (AUR) – before COVID-19

  1. Patients suffering from severe pain or a desire to micturate (unable to pass urine, possibly BPH) attend the emergency room. These patients are either known BPH patients on Medical treatment or new patients unaware of their condition.
  2. The standard BPH treatment is to insert either a suprapubic catheter or a foley catheter for decompression.
  3. Then the patients have a trial without a catheter (TWOC) and an evaluation of the size of prostate.
  4. If patients are indicated for surgery they will be evaluated regarding surgery options and choosing the best solution resulting in either hospital admission or discharge and several follow-ups.

COVID-19 procedure recommendation

  1. Memokath 028 insertion in the outpatient clinic or emergency room and immediate patient discharge – followed by remote appointments.


  1. Pressure relief on the emergency units and the medical healthcare system.
  2. Preservation of resources.
  3. Minimized hospital costs – budget savings.
  4. This matches with the direction of admitting only the emergency cases and non-elective cases.

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