Memocore™ is a three-dimensional fiducial marker used for external beam radiation therapy against prostatic cancer, inserted and removed through the urethra to avoid piercing of the tumor.

What is Memocore™?

Memocore™ is a three-dimensional metallic marker produced in advanced nickel-titanium alloy with memory-shape effect. Memocore™ provides a fixed aim for external beam radiation against prostatic cancer and is inserted through the urethra and fixed inside the tumor, replacing the use of needle-insertion as seen with e.g. gold markers. Memocore™ stays fixated inside the tumor throughout the treatment period helping the radiation beam target cancer cells and can be easily removed after ended therapy.

How does Memocore™ work?

Memocore™ is inserted into the prostate in an unexpanded shape. Once positioned correctly sterile water above 55°C is flushed through the system, allowing the advanced nickel-titanium formula to expand. The expansions act as anchors keeping Memocore™ safely in place throughout the radiation therapy allowing it to act as a fixated marker for the radiation beam. Once therapy is concluded, sterile water below 7°C is flushed through the system, softening the coils whereby Memocore™ can be removed as easily as it was inserted.

Memocore™ – 3D fiducial marker inserted without tissue piercing

Unlike gold markers, Memocore™ is safely inserted without tissue piercing through the urethra and removed again after ended therapy.

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