News about Memokath™ and Pnn Medical A/S in general will be updated below. For information about congresses and workshops please refer to the Events page.

Memokath™ workshops are postponed

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation our upcoming workshops in London and Copenhagen will be postponed until autumn 2020. Keep an eye on the Events section where new dates will be posted during the summer.

New direct setup in France

New direct setup in France After more than 15 years of cooperation with BD Bard (formerly known as C.R. Bard), Pnn Medical has decided to enter the French market with our own sales force from February 1st 2019. [...]

First ever Memokath™ inserted in Canada

First ever Memokath™ inserted in Canada Last week the first ever Memokath™ stent was inserted in Canada, at the McGill University Hospital in Montreal. The case: After four years of self-catheterization following an obstructed UroLume stent inserted in 2015, [...]

Memokath™we treat urinary tract obstructions