Recommendation by NICE

Memokath™ 051 Ureter is recommended for use by the official provider of public healthcare guidelines in the UK following an extensive evidence-based assessment process.

The Memokath™ 051 Ureter NICE recommendation in brief

In 2018 Memokath™ 051 Ureter was included in the evidence-based treatment guideline by NICE, following its extensive clinical and health economic assessment process as the first and only metallic stent. Memokath™ 051 Ureter was assessed on its ability to treat benign and malignant ureteric obstruction compared to previous treatment regimens in the NICE guideline, and found to be more effective, offering higher quality of life, and most likely to save costs compared to double-J stents when inserted by trained clinicians in appropriate patients.

Below follows select examples from the recommendation which can be read in its full length on the NICE website.

Quality of Life

The committee concluded from the published evidence and expert advice that Memokath™ 051 is usually well tolerated and associated with fewer adverse symptoms than double J stents.


The committee concluded that when inserted by trained clinicians and in appropriate patients, Memokath™ 051 is more effective and most likely to be cost neutral or cost saving compared with double J stents.

High risk patients

The committee also concluded that Memokath™ 051 may be a useful option for people who cannot have a double J stent, or for people for whom repeat procedures are a particularly high risk.

What is NICE?

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) is an executive non-departmental public body of the Department of Health in UK serving the NHS (National Health Service) with evidence-based guidelines within e.g. the use of technologies or clinical practices to improve health and social care. Through its rigorous clinical and health-economic assessment processes NICE is considered an international authority within health and social care guidance and plays an important role in influencing what technologies and clinical practices are used in the health care system in, as well as outside the UK.

For more information about NICE and its evaluation process please visit their official website.

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